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Captain of the Beagle
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I'm a a 40's child who needs alot of patience from folks while I walk the long road with the hope of growth and maturity.
My Vessel is named the Beagle, after the Darwin ship of the same name.. The goals are the same too. Evolution

To those that believe in me,
Change takes time, you agree
This wooden puppet toy
Someday will be a boy
and a man will become of me.

I'm not a liar so the Pinoc reference is only as the wooden toy..
My nose stays the same length.

Now the fine print.

Just an FYI. This is *my* journal and I am entitled to any opinions I chose to hold and also entitled to write about them as I see fit. You of course are entitled to your opinions and also to express them in my journal. But should you feel the need to come into my journal and say derrogatory things about me don't think for a second that I will have *any* problem taking you off of my friends list and banning you as others have learned before.
Honestly, I make an effort to read the journal of every person on my friend's list even though I know some of you don't read mine. And I also make an effort to act as the best friend possible though this chosen media outlet. I respect the opinions and the privacy of everyone here. And I would hope that I've never been anything but kind to all of you and that's why you lovely people are on my friends list. If I have been anything but please let me know. But I'm not going to sit around and let people run all over me. Expressing a different viewpoint is one thing. Childish name-calling is quite another.
And I hate it when people make me mad.

I usually don't manage to reply to ALL journal comments, especially not in a particularly timely fashion... nor do I comment on all of my friends' entries, mostly because there are so many of you. in return, I'm pretty relaxed about the whole thing and don't expect constant comments/replies from anyone else.

so, if constant communication with your LJ friends is important to you, then you probably don't want me on your friends list. for what it's worth, though, I do keep up with all of your journals about 98% of the time, only giving up when I've been away for a few days or I am kept from the computer. I used to be able to read all your journals at work but not be able to post or comment due to filters. At the new job, I can do neither.

I used to be able to keep up with Birthdays and other special events of my friends. Even though I might have missed yours, please know that I am with you in spirit helping to mark the occasion.

I added everyone for a reason, because you are special and there was something that I wanted to know or see more about you.

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