Captain of the Beagle (mrguard) wrote,
Captain of the Beagle

Time to catch up

Well I created about 5000 custom printed postcards for my dealer... things were going well until i found out i put on the wrong number..
Call it.. yeah.. Porn....

Found Avery makes a nice label that took care of things... 

My HP laptop already has broke its stress relief on the power connector.
and all i do is move it from floor to lap in bed.

I think all of those hedge funds should be terrorized as they are a cause for screwing up our economy.

Still working my ass off at work.. alot needs to be done

Red Wings are doing well.. I hope they go all the way again.

Big convention in Dayton next week.. Im hoping good things from that.

Summer concert season in 3 weeks.

On a diet thanks to my Doc throwing a fit... so far lost 5 lbs.
The food is decent and i love salads.

Still counting the days until London

Priceline will fix any decreases in ticket cost if someone buys the same ticket for the same flights on the same day.
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