Captain of the Beagle (mrguard) wrote,
Captain of the Beagle

I'm still alive, just been really Busy

Hi Everyone...

Sorry I havent updated in 6 weeks. Been really busy with things.
Going on my trip to Florida and my cruise in 12 days..
My employer cut ties with Ford so now we are a used car superstore.

My allergies have been bothering me big time..
been moving in things from the other house, piece by piece.
its been a slow process.

Purchased a snowblower which we have used a few times this season..
and boy has it snowed! Which makes the sunnier climate more and more

Carla is flying down with me on Friday and we will spend the weekend together
down in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. Then I will drop her off at the airport
when i pickup my cabinmate Bill and off to the cruise.

I must thank United for their generous nature which led me to using the free
ticket vouchers for being bumped earlier this year for the trip.
I strongly urge my friends to consider United for their travel plans when possible.

I ran a program on my Boss' computer called Malwarebytes AntiMalware.. It turned
up some DNS Trojans and other nasty things.. It's free.. Give it a try.
It found some things that other programs missed.

I picked up the Trivia Pursuit digital Choice game.. Instead of cards, you get a handheld
unit that asks the questions. You can download additional questions online and install via USB.
I'm taking that along to make things easier.

Saw some good movies recently... The Wrestler was amazing.. Mickey Rourke has my vote for
Best Actor. Been watching From the Earth to the Moon since I never got the chance to catch the entire series on HBO back when it first aired.. I wish we had more time when in Florida to visit Cape Canaveral... Though who knows..

Our dealer is going to be selling this new vehicle called TriFun.. Its 3 wheeled and it
has a truck bed in the back.. Seats 2.. Air Conditioned.. $10,000 Oh and it also gets 42+ MPG
It lts better than the smart car and can travel in up to 6 inches of snow.
I am considering this for a 2nd vehicle in the near future.

Cooking a huge pot of Bean Soup... I need to lose some poundage before the trip.
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